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Home brewing in Russia has a long history. Home brew is a traditional Russian strong drink which has being known in Russia since 15 century.

Since ancient time yeast, that is able to turn during its lifetime sugar into alcohol, was used for production such beverage. A lot of fruit and berries contain sugar the solution of which (pressed juice) combined with a small quantity of yeast produces alcohol liquor (home brew), which should be distilled to extract alcohol. However if it could be possible to distill alcohol only from ready sugar, such alcohol production will be rather expensive. Solution is to use such substances, which under some definite processing are able to dissociate generating sugar. Plant starch is one of such substances. To extract sugar from starch-containing products such as: rye, wheat, corn, rice, millet and so on, you have to turn starch into sugar, first, and only then you can get strong drinks.

Sugar and sugar-containing agricultural products, such as berries, fruit, including grape, sugar beet, sugar cane, and so on are on the top according to their popularity for home brew production. The last but not least are starch and various starch-containing products. During home brew making it is necessary to converse starch to fermentable sugars with the help of malt.
To turn starch into sugar our ancestors learned to saccharify starch with enzymes of germinated grain (diastatic enzyme). This is the way how vodka originated in Russia and other countries.

In those countries where there were plenty of sugar-containing products they were able to produce strong drinks from sugar-containing plant raw material. These drinks are: rum – is of cane, cognac and chacha –of berries and grape, calvados – is of apple juice, tutovka – is of mulberry berries, plum brandy -  is of plums, arrack – is of dates, peisachovka – is of raisin, pulque – is of cactus fruit juice.

The situation were more complicated in the countries where there were fewer sugar-containing products (Russia, Germany, England and others) and citizens of these countries chose another way. For strong drinks production they decided to use starch-containing products. In Russia vodka is of rye, wheat, barley, in America whisky is of corn, the Germans make schnapps of potato, the Chinese make hashina of millet, the Japanese produce sake of rice.
But thanks to variety and originality of recipes taste of Russian home brew distinguishes it from foreign analogs.

Home brew making technology is simple but requires attention and adherence to all norms of distillation and rectification. Only in this case you will get a drink of high quality.

Every type of equipment has its own unique peculiarities. That’s why it is necessary to read specification through carefully when you buy a distiller. 

Some fractions, emitted during home brew making are dangerous for health and only strict observance of techniques helps you to get rid off
harmful impurities.

It is extremely important to prepare feedstock in a right way.

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